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“Welcome! I am happy to see you here. We will provide you with everything you need to succeed.”

Ákos Gerold

Chief Persuasion &
Presentation Skills Officer

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Trusted by organisations around the world

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Robert Zahiri

Global Marketing Director, Trelleborg

“Ákos spoke to our VIP clients and 350 of our sales engineers. He delivered exactly what we expected: exciting, applicable, engaging talks.”


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Looking for a keynote speaker for your conference, company or other type of event? An engaging presenter who speaks to your specific audience’s needs?

Ákos is an experienced international speaker on the topics of persuasion, presenting and communication. He has spoken on and offline at sales, IT and marketing related events.

The talks can be delivered in English, German, Portuguese, Hungarian, Serbian.

Small changes — big sales gains consultancy

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The growth of your business ultimately depends on your clients’ and prospects’ decisions. Will they buy or not? Will they keep working with you or not?

Neuroscience teaches us that ALL decisions are made subconsciously. And unless you know how to speak to people’s subconscious, you are losing sales. Sales you didn’t even dream you could make easily and ethically.

Our consultancy helps you speak directly to your customers’ subconscious decision making mechanisms, every step of the customer journey. Both online and in person. From the moment they see your shop or website, through every interaction with your staff, products and services, until they pay and leave your shop or website.

Small changes can produce big sales gains when you know how to make them work. Among many other successes, these principles have increased a California company’s sales of its high-end product by 520%.They have also helped a London real estate agency close 16% more contracts.

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Picture of Wallace Pedrosa

Wallace Pedrosa

Sales Executrive, Gartner

“I had 20 years of sales experience before Ákos started coaching me. When I applied his teachings, prospects started to lean in more. I could sell more effectively and help them.”

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Picture of Marcello Martins

Marcello Martins

COO, Apex-Brasil

“A 90-minute session with Ákos showed us why our presentation narrative and sales slide deck for the Dubai Expo left money on the table and how to improve it into an effective, persuasive presentation.”

Presentation skills training

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If your team needs presentation skills to persuade, sell, drive decisions, we’ve got you covered. Some of our clients have even climbed the Mount Everest of persuasive presenting — they have turned decisions already made against them into their favour.

Why is our proprietary presentation skills training so effective?

Because, as neuroscience has shown, the subconscious mind makes ALL decisions. The conscious only justifies them about 7 seconds later. And you will learn the presentation skills to speak to people’s subconscious decision making mechanisms. 

Since teams and industries differ, we tailor the training to your needs and help your team integrate the new skill into their daily work so you won’t waste the training investment.

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High-stakes presentation consultancy

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Do you have an important presentation, keynote or pitch coming up? Does money, reputation, opportunity depend on it?

Most speakers unknowingly waste such chances. Why? Because they try to persuade by speaking to their audience’s conscious mind. Neuroscience, however, has shown that all decisions are first made subconsciously and are a few seconds later justified consciously. And this applies to big business decisions too.

In other words, if your presentation does not speak to people’s subconscious minds, you are talking to the false decision maker. 

Our consultancy will construct a presentation narrative for you and add subconscious persuasion nuggets to it, so that it speaks to the real decision maker.

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Picture of Olivia Pereira

Olivia Pereira

Head of Program Office, Gorongosa National Park

“Ákos created a presentation for me that changed a decision already made against me into my favour. I also achieved my secondary goal with the talk. I’d never seen a presentation persuade so effectively.”

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Picture of André Mello

André Mello

Sales Director, Gartner

“Ákos coached me on how to speak the language of our prospects’ brain. I used this skill to show our prospects the value of our services and arrive at a win-win.”

Persuasion skills training

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If you need to sell and / or lead teams, you need to become a master of ethical persuasion.

Persuasion is not a talent. It’s a skill anyone can learn and become good at. Even if you think you are not persuasive.

We will teach you how to communicate your win-win offers and lead others by speaking directly to their decision making processes. You will be able to do this all ethically, without any manipulation. As a results, your clients and your team will want to work with you even more than before you persuaded them.

What our clients think

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About Ákos Gerold

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Ákos is a founding member of the Cialdini Institute, a global organisation that teaches the research-based principles of practical, ethical persuasion. He is also a Certified Ethical Influence Coach, an international keynote speaker and a presentation skills trainer and consultant.

For the better part of 15 years, Ákos has been delivering presentation, communication and ethical persuasion skills training and consultancy for top-level decision makers and managers of global and local companies in Europe and Brazil. He also spent three years as one of the leaders of a global organisation of communication skills trainers.

His keynotes, training and consultancy are entirely focused on how to communicate and persuade more effectively and ethically based on how the brain works and decides.

Ákos works in English, Portuguese, German, Hungarian and Serbian.

Let’s have a 60-minute, free call to see if we are the right match for each other. Fill in the form and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

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